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Meet 8-year-old ‘Reverend’ who preaches to adult congregation – VIDEO

By THOMAS MATIKO October 14th, 2018 1 min read

An eight-year-old boy from Juja has taken the internet by storm after he was captured preaching with so much vigor to a congregation largely made up of adults at his local church.

A three-minute video posted on the YouTube channel of a local TV station shows the young boy preaching to a sizable congregation that is listening keenly.

Victor Muteru, a class four pupil at Faith Foundation School, who is referred to as ‘Reverend Victor’, preaches every Sunday at Bethel Gospel Church in Juja and is always offered his seat at the ‘high table’ in the midst of middle-aged preachers.

What has mesmerized most people is Reverend Victor’s prowess and confidence on the pulpit as he delivers his sermon while quoting plenty of Bible verses.

“Sikujiita Reverend, ni Mungu aliniita ata saa hiyo sijui jina ilitoka wapi, ama Reverend ina mean nini but God aliniita Reverend,” says the young preacher.


According to the boy, preaching is his calling from God; a calling he says he couldn’t ignore even when his mother tried to discourage him from it.

Not even being caned on constantly by his mother for his perceived stubbornness could dissuade him from his divine calling.

“Mamangu heeh! Naeza kuambia ile vita nilikuwa naonana nayo nikifanya hiyo kazi yote. Weeh! Nilikuwa natandikwa,” he recounts.

All this while, he says, his mother thought he was possessed by demons. And when his relationship with the mother got to a breaking point, the young boy even contemplated suicide.

It’s at this point that his mother reluctantly gave in and decided to support him.