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Meet the Akorino hippies who are melting the internet

Pictures of three Akorino sect members partaking of alcoholic drinks have taken the internet by storm.

In one of the pictures, a man is seen smoking a cigarette while imbibing a Pilsner lager while in another, a middle-aged woman was snapped drowning contents of a Guinness bottle.

In a another, a woman relaxed will drinking a Tusker.

In all the pictures, assumed to have been taken at different locations on various occasions, the three are all dolled up in the trademark Akorino turban.

Many of those commenting on the pictures were dismayed by the fact that Akorino are supposed to be holy and not partake of alcoholic drinks, as taught in the Christian doctrine.

Mary Mueni said: “You go girl!” while Kelvin Ambasa wondered, “Why do they look all reserved yet they know it is against their teachings?”

But Ken Nkanata sought to set the record straight, quipping: “Ignorance galore. You should seek to understand the group’s religious teachings before you condemn them. FYI, drinking alcohol is allowed in the sect.”