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Meet city youths packaging condoms in funky designs

Young Nairobians through Center for African Family Studies (CAFS) are rolling out a project to create funky and innovative designs for packaging condoms using art created by Kenyan artist Michael Soi.

The five designs are meant to inspire young and sexually active people to protect themselves and be responsible.

“Recognizing that the condoms in Kenya are either expensive or boring visually, CAFS decided to create a solution that would satisfy the young Kenyan population that is looking for something new and exciting,” a statement on CAFS website explains.

To raise money for their project, the group is offering five unique designs to their global supporters.

“Many youth are scared of buying condoms from public vendors because they do not want to be seen as sexually promiscuous. It is assumed that sex is for married people only, yet the majority of youth in Kenya are young couples.

“At the same time, the condoms available are either boring and of low quality or unaffordable to the majority of youth. This new line of condoms will be affordable, innovative and marketable.”

According to artist Soi, the condom designs portray the normal life in Nairobi with mix of pop and cartoon.

“I document what’s happening in Nairobi and everything here is evolving,” Soi said at his Nairobi studio.

According to CAFS, funds generated from the project will cater for the production of the first line of customized condoms for their distribution in the Kenyan market.

“If we are able to successfully raise all the funds, we will expand and improve on condom line. We will also dedicate additional resources to advocate policy makers to improve condom use and access in Kenya. Additionally, we plan on distributing this condom line to youth groups who in turn will redistribute them to other youths.”

The colourful packaging works as a disguise for the condoms, which makes the youth more comfortable with carrying them around and also to be not as shy when they purchase them at a public vendor.

The condoms will be distributed through youth organizations.