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Meet Danstan Omari, the official ‘baby daddy’ lawyer

Could you, by chance, be having a stingy baby daddy who needs to constantly be reminded about taking care of the kids?

If yes, then lawyer Danstan Omari could help solve your problems.

Omari has risen from a humble background as a counselor and deputy headmaster to one of the most prominent lawyers in cases involving paternity matters.

Here are some of the cases.

1. Charles Nyachae vs Baby Mama –  Charles Nyachae, son of veteran politician Simeon Nyachae, is a prominent lawyer and newly appointed judge of the East African Court of Justice (EACJ). In 2019, Nyachae junior was accused of impregnating and neglecting one Esther Wamuyu after a one-night stand. He sought refuge in Omari. Omari would expose Wamuyu for exaggerating her child’s school fees, she claimed it was Sh 40,000 while it was only Sh 26,000. The lawyer also prohibited the baby mama from texting or calling his client.

2. Baby mama vs Kenneth Lusaka (Senate Speaker) –  In June 2021, Kenneth Lusaka was dragged to court by a woman who claimed to have been neglected by him after an unexpected pregnancy. The woman, as expected, hired paternity case expert, Dansan Omori to fight her battles in court. During the hearing, Omari urged the former Bungoma Governor to claim responsibility for his unborn child who was conceived as a result of “a jolly intimate affair” which had been going on for three years until March 2021.

According to Omari, their disagreement was sparked by Lusaka’s insistence on the termination of the child, which his client did not adhere to. He also asked the court to order Lusaka to pay Sh 25 million in child support. A cornered Lusaka would admit to fathering the child and request the matter be settled out of court.

3. Baby Mama vs House of Grace Bishop, David Muriithi – Honorary Bishop David Muriithi has been sued for the alleged negligence of his two-year-old son. The baby mama has hired none other than Danstan Omari to represent her and the baby in court. She is seeking a Sh100,000 monthly maintenance fee in court. Omari claims the man of cloth has neglected his responsibilities as a father, adding that he is “denying the child what is rightfully his.”

4. Senator Mithika Linturi vs ‘Wife’, Marianne Kitany

The messy and drama-filled divorce case including the politician and Kitany who at some point worked at Deputy President William Ruto’s office was one like no other. Kitany sought divorce from her ‘husband’, whom she claimed to be violent and unfaithful. But Linturi claimed he’d never married her. Linturi’s lawyer requested the case be heard in private, but Kitany’s superhero lawyer, Dansan Omari, came to her rescue strongly arguing that the divorce case was a public matter.

5. Former Chief Justice, David Maraga vs alleged Baby Mama

Mary Kwamboka once went to the Milimani Law courts in Nairobi and screamed to anyone who cared to listen, claiming former Chief Justice David Maraga was a deadbeat dad to her 6-year-old daughter. during her appearance at the Milimani Law Courts in 2020.

But the case was promptly dismissed, after Maraga’s lawyer, aka the master of paternity cases, Danstan Omari, revealed she had failed to pay the Sh 655 required to file a court case. “All documents presented including the birth certificate and letters from the school were forged,” he added.