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Meet Kenya’s youngest musical superstars

A five-year-old boy and his nine-year-old sister are quickly gaining celebrity status for their singing prowess and outstanding onstage performances.

Chris Munyalo and Esther Munyalo have warmed the hearts of people to become one of the country’s youngest superstars.

Their father Musa Munyalo decided to include his two children in his band Wahenga Wenyeji after seeing the talent that was in them.

Wahenga Wenyeji band now consists of seven members including the two kids and their father.

He says every time he was at home while practicing on his guitar, the two would join him and randomly start singing a song.


“I saw that they were very interested in what I was doing. I started teaching them how to sing and also how to play the guitar,” said Mr. Munyalo who is also a performing artiste.

The family lives in Mathare and have already performed on big stages like during the Sawasawa Festival and at Alliance Francaise.

At the beginning the band used to do a lot of free shows but eventually started getting paid a fee of five or ten thousand shillings depending on the gig which they would split the money among the group members.

Their challenge at the moment are musical instruments and a place to practice which both have to be hired.

“I thank God for this talent in my children, since they came into the band we have been getting more calls to perform in different places,” Munyalo told Nairobi News.