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Meet matatu driver and tout with big hearts

By Mary Wangari October 13th, 2019 2 min read

The driver and a tout of a matatu which plies the Meru-Nairobi route have endeared themselves to Kenyans for their selfless act to assist physically challenged people in Nairobi to find their way home daily for the last two years.

The duo have warmed the hearts of Kenyans after their story was aired by a local TV station.

Driver Patrick Mungaria and his conductor Kamau Mwangi have fully devoted themselves to ensure a group of disabled women reach their destinations in Dagoretti, Nairobi every evening before calling it a day.

Mungaria said he embarked on this selfless journey two years ago when he stumbled upon women one night who were left stranded after other matatus refused to carry them.

“They touched my heart because of their condition. Sometimes you find there is no vehicle that wants to carry them and many things that you know go on. I made a decision to be purposely coming here to transport them home,” said Mungaria.

His benefactors expressed their joy and gratitude revealing that although Mungaria was not from their area, he always ensures they were taken home safely and even assists them to get on board unlike drivers from their route who view them as a burden and often avoid carrying them.


“Since we are not able to board buses, we rely on these long distance vehicles. If it rains we just stand and wait,” said Milkah Wanjiru.

Kamau, the conductor revealed they had taken it upon themselves to ensure the women went home every night even when it was hard to find vehicles.

“We have to assist these women to board the vehicle and ensure they reach their homes. Even if they are no vehicles we have to ensure we look for a vehicle and take them home,” Kamau said.

Kenyans on social media, led by Nominated Senator, Isaac Mwaura, applauded the driver Patrick Mungaria and his conductor Kamau Mwangi, for their big hearts describing them as ‘heaven sent,’

“Some sacrifices touches the heart of God. Patrick Mungaria, great job you are doing. May you and your colleague, Kamau Mwangi never lack,” wrote Senator Mwaura, who is also an advocate for Persons Living with Disability.