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Meet Mumbua, new kid on the block of Kenyan music – VIDEO

By Amina Wako September 21st, 2020 3 min read

Doreen Mumbua, popularly known by the stage name Mumbua, is the newest rising star in the Kenyan entertainment scene.

Mumbua recently released the visuals to her third single Skiza, a song about two lovers in a long-distance relationship.

Speaking to Nairobi News, Mumbua said she wrote the song three years ago but with all that is happening in the world because of the coronavirus pandemic, the time of the song’s release has been timely.

Skiza is a song I wrote in 2017 about a lover who is expressing her feelings to her significant other who is miles away with an assurance that they can make the relationship work despite the distance,” Mumbua said.

“The song makes more sense now with what is happening in the world. Circumstances have forced people to be away from their loved ones, but they need to keep hope alive,” she said.

The songwriter, who is in her late 20s, was born and bred in Nairobi’s Kawangware area, a place that still holds her best childhood memories.

“The best memories of my childhood are from Kawangware where I grew up. Whenever I visit the hood and see children playing, it brings back those fond memories. Back then we didn’t care if we were from the ghetto. We had so much fun playing outdoor games with our friends in the neigboourhood, never mind the fact that I often got into trouble with my parents for getting home late,” she reminisces.

She recalls an incident when she got some serious spanking form her mother after she stole money from their house and bought sweets for all her friends.

“I took money from the house and bought sweets and shared with my friends, the beating I got is still fresh in my mind,” she narrated.


With a strict mother mum, who was a teacher, and a dad, who was a lab technician, Mumbua had no choice but to work hard in school.

After completing her Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) she joined Chogoria Girls High School.

Sadly, her stay at Chogoria Girls ended abruptly after her parents separated, forcing her to change schools for lack of school fees.

Mumbua started singing at a very young age, but only ventured into serious music when she completed her college education.

She started by doing background vocals for artistes as well as doing voice-overs. She was also privileged to do commercials for different brands.

Kenyan songbird Doreen Mumbua, who is popularly known by the stage name Mumbua. PHOTO | COURTESY
Kenyan songbird Doreen Mumbua, who is popularly known by the stage name Mumbua. PHOTO | COURTESY

“Like every child I started singing in church. While in high school, I was more passionate about sports. It’s only after completing high school that I started visiting music studios and spending time with people who were into music,” Mumbua recounts.

In 2015, Mumbua took a break from music and ventured into fitness before making her comeback in 2020.

Early this year she released Karibia, a song about a woman who is not afraid of calling out her lover.

Her second single, Hizi ni Gani, was released in June 2020. Skiza is her third official release and the song is available on YouTube and other digital music platforms.


With her third single out, Mumbua hopes to do a collabo with other artistes in the music industry in the country.

She is hopeful that by the time she hit five years in the industry she will have started nurturing upcoming female musicians.

“In five years’, time I hope to have my own studio where I will have like three small Mumbuas who are doing big music with my help,” she said.

Her role model in the Kenyan music industry is Sanaipei Tande, while abroad she has a lot of admiration for Yemi Alade

“Sanaipei is an icon in the Kenyan music industry. In Africa, I love Yemi Alade because she really takes it to another level. I also love Burna Boy,” Mumbua said.

Being a fitness enthusiast, Mumbua hopes to one day visit the famous Tulum Jungle Gym in Mexico.

Tulum Jungle Gym is a real-life Flint stone gym where nearly all the gym equipment are made of wood, bamboo and stone.

Her simple advice to the youth is for them to follow their hearts.

“Just go for it, there are no limitations. I know it’s really hard with all the challenges. We have family issues, self-esteem issues, but on one cares about that, just go out there and do it. You can be anything you want to be,” she says.