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Meet Nairobi’s angriest driver who rammed vehicle off the road – VIDEO

An angry city motorist was caught on camera as he ferociously rammed a vehicle off the road at Nairobi’s Valley Arcade Mall.

The night incident, captured in an undated video, involved a driver who wanted to exit the mall in a hurry but whose way was blocked by a stationery station wagon (Toyota Fielder).

It is unclear whether the driver of the stationery vehicle was in the vicinity at the time, but the angry driver did not seem to care.

He is heard issuing instructions to a security that the car be cleared from the way, before he reverses and rams it twice from behind to remove it off the road.

He then gets out of his car, registration number KAU 972 H, grumbling and proceeds to open the gate himself before speeding off.

The video has been shared widely on different social media groups.