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Meet the ‘bae’ Michelle Ntalami has been linked to since Makena Njeri breakup

By Winnie Mabel September 1st, 2022 2 min read

Chief Executive Officer and Instagram influencer Michelle Ntalami went through one of women’s worst nightmares. Hers though was nightmare on steroids after it was revealed that her ex-girlfriend, Makena Njeri, cheated on her with several partners and the news went viral on social media.

Following this drama that had several voices of alleged perpetrators chime in, Michelle was later linked to another woman during her 38th birthday celebrations in June 2022. Check her out below as I tell you their story…

Chipmurnk Mario. PHOTO | COURTESY

The woman is none other than Chipmurnk Mario but she goes by sir.mario.x on Instagram. Nairobi News previously reported that Mario and Michelle recorded a video of themselves getting too close and steamy for comfort inside a vehicle during her birthday.

“Happy Birthday baby… To love, happiness, healing, and your new year,” Mario posted on Instagram.

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It was then claimed that the two were now dating, but Ntalami claimed that the two were just friends and Mario had made her feel special in the moment. She also added that Mario had been her chauffer on that particular day the video was recorded.

Can someone say blindsided? Yes, it would appear Mario was blindsided by Ntalami’s denial.

Chipmurnk Mario. PHOTO | COURTESY

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In a past question and answer session with her Instagram followers, Michelle said that she was attracted to people who exuded masculine energy – be it men or women – despite being linked to women for the longest time.

“I like men, masculinity, masculine of ‘masc’ energy,” she said.

Michelle also clarified that she was neither bisexual, straight nor gay but an androsexual – a person strictly attracted to masculine energy.

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Well, this is the energy Mario exudes as evidenced by her photographs. The same energy was also quickly visible with Makena Njeri. Both of them had masculine tendencies in their poses during photo shoots, in their dressing styles and their hair styles.

Michelle also went on record stating that she was open to dating men in the future. She said this after the scandalous break up with Njeri – a signal many interpreted that she was ready to be in romantic relationships with men over women – but this is yet to be seen to date.