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Meet the drinks guy who ensured Eliud Kipchoge was hydrated at the Berlin race

By Wangu Kanuri September 27th, 2022 2 min read

Claus-Henning Schulke ensured Eliud Kipchoge was well hydrated all through the Berlin Marathon where he broke his own world record by clocking 2:01:09 on Sunday.

Schulke, 56, popularly known as the drinks guy arrived in Berlin to offer his support once again to Kipchoge.

Schulke passed water to Kipchoge in 2018 when he broke the world record.

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How the two work together

During the race Schulke wears a Kipchoge nameplate on his forearm, letting him know that he has his bottle, so Kipchoge does not have to break stride or lose focus.

Across the 13 drink stations, Schulke peddled his bike to a station, waited for Kipchoge, handed him the bottle, then hopped back on his bike to beat the marathoner to the next station, and the cycle continued.

In the Sunday race in Berlin, Shulke fist bumped the air every time he successfully handed Kipchoge a bottle.

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From the videos that have been circulated online, his intensity, passion, and dedication to serving Kipchoge are unmatched.

Thanks to their rare and perfect coordination, they have set two world records, in 2018, and 2022, when they broke the former.

Kipchoge thanks the drinks guy

In an earlier interview in 2018, Kipchoge recalled how the drinks guy came in handy while he was racing.

“My biggest remembrance of Berlin is the guy who was handling my water. (He is) still my hero up to now. The way he was handling and acting and talking was unbelievable,” he said.

Schulke is an amateur triathlete who works as a project manager. He has been volunteering at the Berlin Marathon since 1998 and was the senior member of the 30-person crew in charge of getting the elite athletes their drinks during the race.

Kipchoge broke his record on Sunday running under 2:01:09 against his 2018, 2:01:39.

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