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Meet the woman who comforted a crying Sakaja in front of President Ruto

On June 21, 2023, Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja made news for weeping in public in an audience that included President William Ruto during the launch a school feeding programme at Roysambu Primary School.

Sakaja broke down while acknowledging the sorry state of public schools in Nairobi and the numerous challenges that they face.

“In 10 years Nairobi County gave out bursaries worth Sh3 billion, and in six months your Excellency we have given out Sh1 billion. There are schools here which become churches on Sunday, learning goes on the following day, paving way for a vigil and a youth meeting. Successful government have not been fair to the children in Nairobi,” Sakaja said before he broke down.

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As Sakaja struggled to fight his tears, a woman stepped to the podium and attempted to hug him. At first, it was awkward as Governor Sakaja stepped back to avoid the hug but the woman committed to what she intended to do and gave Sakaja a hug as she whispered words into his ear.

Another person then handed Sakaja a handkerchief to wipe his tears.

That awkward moment was overshadowed by Sakaja’s emotional moment and so, Nairobi News sought to find out who this woman is.

Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja weeps at a function attended by President William Ruto. PHOTO | COURTESY

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We have established that Sakaja’s comforter is Mlango Kubwa MCA, Susan Makungu Kavaya. She attended St Teresa’s Girls’ High School before she proceeded to join NIBS Technical College and later on Daystar University.

Ms Kavaya, who hails from Eldoret, Uasin Gishu County, is a big fan of talent shows such as Idol and Lip Sync Battle. She also has a love for fashion and hair, as she is always seen in designer outfits when not working, and artificial/human wigs and weaves.

She was elected to the Nairobi County Assembly on a UDA ticket after campaigning on an agenda that included health, water and sanitation, economic opportunities for youth and women, education and skills development, safety and security as well as infrastructure.

In February, she won a lawsuit against four men who she said were cyber bullying her by posting comments about her in a WhatsApp group. She told a Nairobi court how the four asked her for money to take down the posts but she refused.

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