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Meet three-year-old girl who can name world presidents and wants to be driver

When asked who the President of Kenya was live on video, three-year-old Tanzanian girl Gift Safari simply said Uhuru Kenyatta.

The young girl who was born in Mwanza Tanzania went ahead and named other presidents across the world who include those of Russia (Vladimir Putin), Tanzania (Samia Suluhu), Uganda (Yoweri Museveni), US (Joe Biden), France (Emmanuel Macron) and South Korea (Yoon Seok Youl) with so much ease.

Apart from the global head of states, the minor knows each minister serving in the cabinet of Tanzanian President Samia Suluhu. This is despite the fact that she is yet to join school. She can also count one to 10 in Swahili, which is the official language in Tanzania.

According to her mother, the girl usually teaches and directs her older brother on what to do.

“Yeye huwa anamuelekeza ndugu yake kwa kila jambo (It is her who usually directs her brother in almost everything),” the mother told a TV station in Tanzania.

Her mother said that she knew that her last born daughter was gifted when she was first taken to church and the following day she sat at a corner and shouted Hallelujah!

The mother then said that her daughter then started preaching what had taken place in church the previous day. Asked if she had done anything special to her daughter, the mother said she was just as perturbed with some of the things that she does.

The mother said that all she does is to guide her daughter on Christian values. According to the mother, the small girl loves watching news and then poses questions to her mother.

“Whenever I tell her that I do not have an answer to any of the questions, she then goes ahead and gives me the correct answer,” said the mother, who is now asking well-wishers to assist her raise the child better as she is not financially capable.