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Meet woman who has been pregnant for 15 months and is yet to give birth

Residents of Naburereya village in Kabula ward, have been left in shock by a case of a woman who is yet to give birth 15 months on.

The 24-year-old woman identified as Metrine Simiyu has been expectant for the last 15 months, against the norm of nine months for humans.

She suffers from Post-term pregnancy which extends beyond the normal 40 weeks.

This can be as a result of medical complications, which can be very risky to both the mother and unborn child.

The prolonged pregnancy has shocked her husband and the family at large.

“I don’t know what is happening with me, this is my fifteenth month since I conceived and there is no any sign of me giving birth soon, my gestation period has exceeded by 6 more months, am now living in fear of losing my child,” she narrated.

She added, “Am now confused, this issue has left my family, neighbours and friends in shock on weather am carrying a baby or something else.”

Metrine got married two years ago and few months later, a pregnancy test was done which revealed that she was expectant.

She says she has experienced two miscarriages before something that she suspects has resulted in her current situation. She is now appealing for help from experts.

“When I was still at my mother’s home I couldn’t imagine of a miscarriage and face this problem I plead to those who might know the problem to come and help me,” she pleaded.

“All women we used to attend the clinics together have already delivered and their babies are almost six months old yet I’m still pregnant.”

Metrine continued, “The last time I was in a health facility I was told that the baby is okay.”

Her mother-in-law Carolyn Shikuku said that she needs immediate assistance.

“We have tried finding a helping hand but I haven’t found it the only thing I can do is praying that she gets well,’’ she said.