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Mejja apologises to his fans for flopped show in Australia

Kenyan rapper Mejja has explained why his performance in Sydney, Australia did not go as expected. In an Instagram post Mejja struggled to explain how he lost his voice and hence he couldn’t give his best during the concert.

The rapper says he experienced pain while straining himself to sing, which affected his overall performance.

“Australia Sydney I want to apologise. Nilipoteza sauti. Nilipiga medication na injection hoping by night nitakuwa poa. But Ilikataa kurudi. Ilikuwa struggle between cancelling the show ama kupiga na uchungu, which ilikuwa struggle,” Mejja said.

“Shukran kwa kutokea kwa wingi. I apologise from deep inside my heart for not delivering with energy coz of the pain I was fighting shukran God bless and to all other cities I visited Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane na Adelaide shukran for the energy,” he added.

Mejja travelled to Australia earlier this month for a series of performances in different cities.

The singer is currently riding high with his latest hit titled Kanairo Dating, which has amassed more than 1 million views in less than a week.

Mejja is known for being one of the defining artistes in the Kenyan music scene, and he won praises for being one of the most consistent Kenyan performing artistes of the current generation.