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Mejja: I’m not the best daddy, but I’m better than my late deadbeat dad

Gengetone godfather Mejja has spoken about the relationship that never existed between him and his late dad.

The Kanairo Dating hitmaker has said that although he is not a perfect father, he is better off than his late dad because unlike him, he’s always present for his kids. 

“I’m not the best dad but I try as much as possible to be in their lives. That’s why I cannot say I’m the best dad, but apart from that, I pay child support,” said Mejja, whose real name is Major Nameye Khadija.

The rapper also recalled how he barely knew his father as there was no relationship between them.

“My dad came looking for me when I was finishing my high school studies, but there was no relationship there. I just had a blurry memory of how he looked like from when I was very young but I never really saw him,” he recalled.

He further revealed that his father passed on only a few days after he had seen him.

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“I saw him when he came looking for me, then he passed on two or three days later from backbone-related complication after an operation and being put on heavy medication,” said the rapper.

On the other hand Mejja heaped praises on his baby mamas, saying that he’s grateful he did not get problematic women.

“One thing I was lucky in was that I didn’t get a dramatic lady because there are many men out here who are going through a lot,” he said. 

He added that he would wish for his children to be raised by both parents in a complete family setup.

“Picking up your child and returning them to the mum after visitation, it makes me feel like I am not the best dad,” he said.

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He further explained that being raised by a single-parent gave him more reason to strive for a family unit.

“I remember seeing my neighbour, who used to go to church with his family, and I admired that kind of a family,” he said.

“If you grew up in a single-parent home, you want a stable family, but when you end up the same way as your parents, you feel disappointed.”

In a previous interview, Mejja said growing up without a father figure was a big challenge for him, something that has shaped his future decisions with his kids.

“I faced so many challenges in my childhood, which would have been easy if my father was there to advise, but I had to face it on my own.”

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