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Mejja reveals why he refrains from sharing extravagant posts on social media

Renowned Gengetone singer Mejja has shed light on why he refrains from showcasing his lifestyle on social media, a practice commonly adopted by many celebrities.

In an interview with Presenter Ali, Mejja explained his perspective, emphasizing the importance of humility and compassion towards his fans and followers.

While social media platforms often serve as a means for celebrities to connect with their fans and provide glimpses into their lives, Mejja takes a different approach.

He said he believes in the principle of not flaunting material wealth and considers it vital not to showcase luxurious aspects of his life on social media.

“Usionyeshe Mungu tumbo yako,” Mejja eloquently expressed, revealing his personal mantra.

Translated as “Don’t expose God’s blessings.”

Mejja firmly believes that there is no need for him to display his extravagant lifestyle, particularly regarding lavish meals or possessions, when many of his followers are struggling to meet their basic needs.

“I have followers on social media who are sleeping hungry,” Mejja empathetically shared.

“It doesn’t make sense, and again, I think it is God who has given the power to have those followers, not to make them feel hopeless but to give them hope with what I am doing.”

In recent times, Kenyan celebrities have been engaged in a seemingly endless competition to demonstrate their wealth, resulting in a spectacle of cash displays.

Just a couple of days ago, former Nairobi Boss Mike Sonko shocked netizens as he flaunted an undisclosed sum of cash online, accompanied by a string of insults directed at an individual who had provoked his anger.

This act triggered a trend among others who followed suit, showcasing the large sums of money they have stored in their residences.

Other celebrities who have bragged about their wealth include: KRG The Don, Eric Omondi, Oga Obinna, Mulamwah, Ringtone among others.

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