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Mejja talks about ‘The Kansoul’ getting back together

Gengetone legend Mejja has given his fans something to be hopeful about after he revealed that there could be a reunion of the celebrated group, The Kansoul.

While speaking in an interview, the Kanairo Dating crooner said that he would not disregard the thought of Kansoul getting back together but as of the moment they are each pursuing different goals in their careers. 

“I can’t say that it’ll never happen, but right now we’re in different spaces. However, mountains don’t meet but people do so I can never say never,” said Mejja. 

The music group split over two years ago following claims by Kid Kora, one of the former members about misunderstandings between him and his former bandmates. 

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In February 2021, Kid Kora came out guns blazing to clear the air on what led to the split of The Kansoul while it was still at its prime in the music and entertainment business.

Kid Kora said The Kansoul’s split was because he wanted the group to take a new direction music-wise but was faced with stiff opposition from Mejja and Madtraxx. He also accused the two of ripping him off when he was at his lowest.

“Ma fans wakiuliza ‘Mbona umekonda na wakona vitambi’? Niju chakula ni ya watu watatu na sahani ni mbili. Scorpios don’t call it revenge, we call it returning the favour with interest,” he said.

Kid Kora further said leaving the group was the best decision he ever made.

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“Funny how I left this group and everything toxic in my life… then things changed for me. Started putting on some weight. Confidence is through the roof. Hair growing, skin glowing,” he wrote.

Talking about the new direction, Kid Kora said that after six years of doing the same songs, and talking about the same hogwash on every single track he felt the music was becoming repetitive. 

“I pleaded for a new direction, something with a little substance that does not degrade the women we call mothers, sisters and daughters – music that best fitted our age and reality at that moment,” he said.

Later in 2021, Madtraxx came out to confirm that indeed the group was no more as he was focusing of his family and business, while Mejja went on to focus on his own projects.

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