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Mejja finally gives his version of claims that he threw out pregnant ex-girlfriend

Comical rapper Mejja aka ‘Okwonko’ has finally given his side of the story on the allegations that he threw out his pregnant, leave-in ex girlfriend.

In 2016, rumors emerged that Mejja, who forms one third of The Kansoul, physically abused and kicked out his then girlfriend, who was four month pregnant.

Rumours also had it that the ex girlfriend, who has since given birth to Mejjas’ second child, had nowhere to go at the time and was forced to seek refuge at a friend’ place until she delivered.

Mejja has never publicly spoken about the claims, until a recent interview on a local TV station. The artiste took the occasion to set the records straight blaming it all on unverified stories in the media.

 “…Aaaaih! Zii, hiyo ni uwongo, unajuwa sana sana hawa watu wa blog vitu mob wao huandika lakini huwa sipendi kurespond,” Mejja, who also goes by an alias ‘Mtoto wa Khadija’ said.

“Utakuta kwa hizo interviews vitu wanakuuliza ni vitu zingine manze, stori za bed, vitu intimate hazisadii,” he went on to justify why he has often snubbed interviews.


The Bablas hit maker, known for his comical lyrical prowess, is a father of two daughters, from different women.

Mejja also refuted claims that he depends financially on fellow The Kansoul member Madtraxx, who is said to be very wealthy.

“Sijawahi tegemea Maddi financially, tumejuana na yeye since 2007,” Mejja said.

He also spoke about the rumored fallout with music producer Clemo, the co-founder of Calif Records who discovered him at Celtel talent search back in 2006 and helped him produce his first hit Jana Kuliendaje.

Mejja said he and Clemo are the best of friends and still work together.

According to Mejja, Clemo and his wife housed him when he first moved to Nairobi from Nyeri as he had neither relatives nor friends until he was able to provide for himself.

And to those who keeps making fan of his weight, Mejja said he cares less since he loves himself just the way he is and that as long as he is happy, nothing else matters.