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Mejja’s ‘Kanairo Dating’ hits 1 million views in less than 6 days

Genge rapper Mejja continues to dominate the music industry with his relatable yet rhythmic music which always leaves his fans craving for more. Known for releasing banger after banger, the gengetone maestro has yet again tickled the fancy of his millions of fans with his latest hit titled Kanairo Dating, which has managed to amass over 1 million views in less than a week.

Sharing his excitement and appreciation for the milestone achieved, the singer shared a post on his social media pages to let his fans know that the song is doing well.

“Vile Inafaa! Shukran Wagenge #KaNairoDating,” Mejja captioned the post.

The song has also been turned into a viral TikTok trend with many young gengetone music lovers lip-syncing the lyrics part of the song. The song has also received a great reception from fans and content creators who have incorporated their creativity into the song, making videos that many view as not only relatable but hilarious.

Mejja has been known to be one of the defining artistes in the Kenyan music scene, and he has been praised as one of the most consistent Kenyan performing artistes of the current generation.

Despite being a renowned celebrity and among the most sought-after musicians, Mejja is not a fan of flaunting his life on social media. All he does is music and everything related to it.

In a recent interview, the award-winning musician shared reason for keeping his relationships under wraps.

“Ukiwa kwa relationship ingine lazima ukue sure umeskuma kama miaka kadhaa. Ni mara ngapi wasee wanapost wana delete… That’s why me hukaa ivo. Si mimi pekee. Ushai realize everybody aki postingi lazima kiumane… Nafikiria ni macho mbaya. Wasee wanakutakia mabaya,” said Mejja.

Even after his ex-girlfriend, Milly Wairimu threw shade at him for not being a family man, Mejja maintained his cool and eschewed response.

Way back in 2018, Mejja revealed his wife had packed her bags and left with their child without an explanation. The singer explained he and his wife had been together for close to five years and had not quarreled prior to her decision to leave.