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MEN AND WOMEN: Be a gentleman and word will get out to the women

By CHRIS HART August 23rd, 2015 2 min read

Life’s getting harder, especially for men. Because as women have become more independent, they’ve raised their sights. And so it’s harder for a man to win their hearts.

So what can a guy do? You can either give up, and say the world’s against you. Drink all night and tell yourself that endless flaky relationships are all you ever dreamed of.

Or you can decide to stand out so much from the crowd, that the loveliest girls start chasing you. But how do you do that?

Well, first of all, you must be succeeding in life. So drink less, get up earlier, concentrate on your studies and put everything into your work. Choose your friends wisely, stop making excuses, build your CV and network hard to get your career on track.

Be courageous and work on your self-doubts – and any anger issues. Be good with money. Committed and loyal in relationships. Genuinely faithful men are rare – and hugely valued.

Do what’s right. Be a contributor to society, and fight against injustice. Always asking “how can I help?” rather than “what’s in it for me?”

Make sure your grooming and clothes always say the right things about you. Learn how to speak confidently and make captivating small talk with pretty girls. And never get pushy about intimacy.

Tease a girlfriend to make sure she knows you admire her sexually – but let her set the pace.


And decide you’re going to be a gentleman! A guy who treats women well. Who’s always honest, authentic and trustworthy. Courteous and chivalrous.

Yes really. A guy who takes politeness just that bit further really does stand out. Show the girls you’re a gentleman, and your relationships will shift up a gear. None of this in any way sexist, by the way. A gentleman’s courteous because he’s just like that.

So open doors for her, because you open doors for everyone. Pay for her dinner, not because you expect something in return, but because it’s polite to pay for dinner anytime you invite a guest to join you.

Walk next to the street to protect her from traffic and splashes. Even feminists admit there’s nothing sexist about protecting someone!

Stand up when she comes to your table or the bar, pull out her chair, and sit after she sits. Give her your seat if there are no others available.

Help with her bags, and with her coat. Put your phone away, and act like you want to be with her. Make good eye contact, and always be fun and upbeat.

Give her your jacket if she’s cold. Walk so you can help if she stumbles on a staircase. Hold an umbrella over her when it rains. Walk her home, or to her car, or to a place where she’s safe.

Be on time. Listen to her. Compliment her. Keep her secrets – including if you break-up. Make being a gentleman part of your identity, and word will get around…