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Men behaving badly: Here is why that second date has not been forthcoming

By NAIRA HABIB December 6th, 2018 1 min read

Have you ever wondered why communication stopped with no explanation the next day after a ‘successful’ first date with a woman?

Well, Nairobi women have opened up on some of the things which some guys do – knowingly or unknowingly – which totally put them off.

It all started when a netizen who is a member of the Facebook closed group Chit Chat for Nairobi Mums, wrote that a man who drinks soda using a straw or applies lip balm is a turn off for her.


Her post attracted other members to share their views on the subject.

“Anacheka akipiga mokofi,” said one online user.

“Kama akikula anapiga picha na kuupdate status,” wrote another online user.

“He licks his lips all the time and lifts his eyebrows for photos,” commented one online user.

“Kurudisha mucus… mamayoo blow your nose!” stated another online user.


“Kama anajibebea kakioo, kuna mwingine alitoa kakioo kwa mfuko akajiangalia uso na meno,” said another online user.

“A guy who talks 100 words in a minute,” replied one online user.

“A man who uses filters on his pic,” wrote another online user.

“Kushida akipost pic every time akivaa Nguo mpya,” commented another online user.

“Anashikilia mtu wa nduthi akibebwa,” posted another online user.