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Men, here are eight ways to unlock ‘cookie jar’ this weekend

By MWENDE KASUJJA September 9th, 2017 2 min read

Kenyan men have countless times been referred to as ‘unromantic’. This weekend we share tips that will get them to up their game and while at it, maybe bag some rewards.

1. Cook for her – There is nothing like having a man cooking a lovely simple meal for his woman. Fill up her glass with her favourite drink and let her sit and enjoy a book or movie as you whip up a meal. Women love it when you get to serve them especially with their favourite meal.

2. Buy flowers and chocolate – Well this may seem too traditional but guess what, it is flowers and chocolates on random days that does the magic. Women except such during their birthdays or occasions but when it happens on a random day it speaks volumes.

3. Plan a get away – Without consulting her, just plan a whole gate away and just tell her you are going on a road trip. Do not disclose the destination just drive away and watch the wide smile and curiosity spelt out on her face.

4. Organise a dinner – Do not ask her if she would like to have dinner, just text her this… “Dinner at 6pm, be ready Hun.” Call up a hotel with a great ambience and good food and make a reservation then pick her up, even if she has a car, and let her enjoy the dinner without worrying how she will drive home.

5. Surprise gifts – You see, it doesn’t have to be an expensive gift just judge from your recent conversation what item she has been talking about. Get her the gift and it will send a message that you do listen to her wishful talk/blubber.

6. Spend some time at home – Chilling with your girl this weekend will definitely make her feel special. Cancel all the plans with the boys and just sit and catch up with your woman. You could set the mood by taking over the kitchen and whipping that special meal.

7. Outdoor activity – If your girl prefers outdoors, plan a biking, zip lining, climbing or rafting afternoon and just surprise her. Outdoor activities help refresh couples and better yet make women enjoy the fact that their men planned it all.

8. Massage her – You don’t need to train as a masseuse to pull of simple massages on her neck, shoulder and legs. After a long week, wind down to some good music and drink as you help relax her body.