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Mercy Kyallo: IVF treatment almost cost me my life

Mercy Kyallo has revealed how she almost lost her life while undergoing an IVF treatment. Speaking during the launch of their new reality show titled Kyallo Kulture, Mercy said the procedure was not successful because her body was not receptive to the medication.

“Many women donate their eggs for so many reasons, sometimes you feel for the woman who can’t have children and sometimes you just want some money. For me things went wrong and they were not supposed to go wrong and it is not the fault of the doctors but it was just that my body was not receptive to the medicine,” Mercy Kyallo said.

“I almost lost my life and I was very scared to talk about that story it was very personal to me, but when the show counselled me and told me the importance of putting my story out there for another woman to be informed. I hope to have kids of my won in the future,” she said.

Kyallo Kulture, which will also feature her famous sister Betty Kyallo and Gloria Kyallo, was set to premiere on Showmax on Friday.

“You’re not getting married again, are you?” Gloria, the youngest of the Kyallo sisters asks Betty in the first few moments of episode one.

“I think I just want to do it to prove haters wrong,” Betty responds.

From left: Betty Kyallo, Mercy Kyallo and Gloria Kyallo during the launch of Kyallo Kulture at Villa Rosa Kempinski Nairobi on June 16, 2022. PHOTO | DENNIS ONSONGO

Betty, whose much-publicised marriage to fellow news anchor Dennis Okari, ended after only six months, has attracted controversy about her dating life, while Mercy’s has been described as a mysterious mess.

The first show also exposes rifts between Betty and Mercy.

“We’ve always wanted to have our own show out there because we feel like we have something to give,” Betty said during an interview.

And although she’s the most popular of the sisters, Betty said that Kyallo Kulture isn’t just about her but a chance for all the three Kyallo sisters to shine and share their experiences.

“We’re going to be very candid about who we are, and about our life struggles and happiness,” Mercy said.

“Until now, you’ve seen her (Betty) glamorous side, and the beautiful Betty on screen as a news anchor. Now, you’re about to see her funny side. I was scared to do a reality show because with a show like this, you have to be vulnerable but she brings so much humour to the show that I feel very comfortable putting myself out there,” Mercy said.