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Meru governor opens up on husband performing at her swearing-in

Meru governor Kawira Mwangaza has denied claims she used Sh2 million from the public coffers to pay her husband so he could perform at her swearing-in.

The governor has however indicated she will handsomely reward her husband when she earns her first salary.


It is reported the politician’s husband, a famous vernacular musician, played a big role in her election as he performed in most of her campaign meetings.

In the song released around 2013, Baicu describes Mwangaza as a bold, wealthy and down-to-earth woman who is ready to serve the people.

Additionally, Baicu’s song, Ngavana wetu ni mama, popularised Ms Mwangaza’s gubernatorial bid.

The governor has conceeded her husband’s guitar and musical skills contributed to about 50 per cent of her victory.

“We could not afford to pay entertainers in our campaign meetings. My husband’s music prowess played a big role in my victory.”

Ms Mwangaza was sworn in on Thursday having beat veteran politicians in the frame of Mithika Linturi and Kirairu Murungi to be elected.

She alludes she was seen as an underdog during the campaign period, with the incumbent arguing that she was not capable of running a county government.

However, using his music skills Baicu would remix popular hit songs to subtly deliver messages to their political rivals, sending the crowd into a frenzy.

With supporting his wife, Baicu had to combat accusation from their opponents.

In May, Baicu was accused of neglecting his children from his first marriage, with the couple responding in kindness.

“Before I got married to Mwangaza, I had children with six women. Which children are my critics talking about? All the children I sired with the six women are taken care of,” he posed.

On the other hand, Ms Mwangaza said, “If you see any child that resembles Murega, please, bring the child to me. If it is a girl, the better because I don’t have girls. I am aware that my husband was in several relationships before we got married and all the children are in school.”

The former Meru Women Representative and bishop of Baite Family Fellowship church, alluded her win was a ‘prophecy come true.’