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Mheshimiwa on TikTok! Aisha Jumwa dances with her daughters in viral clip

By Wangu Kanuri September 30th, 2022 2 min read

Newly appointed Cabinet Minister for Public Service and Gender, Aisha Jumwa has shared light moments with her children.

In a video on TikTok, the former Malindi MP danced together with her three daughters, dressed in a dark blue flowing dress.

They were dancing to the song by MzVee ft Yemi Alade – Come and See My Moda.

Check out the viral TikTok below.


♬ come and see my modaa – jordank

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In the lyrics, MzVee says, “A woman of quality knows what she wants. If you want to tarry me and do what you want. Then hurry hurry, come carry your baby go.”

The chorus which is popular on the TikTok App then follows, “Come and see my moda ah (My moda ah) You must to see my moda ah (My moda ah)”

Watch the music video below.

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Early this year, the vocal politician disclosed how her career affected her marriage.

However, it is said that she returned the cows and goats her parents received as bride price after her husband gave her an ultimatum to quit politics and be a housewife.

“After being elected as Takaungu’s mayor, my ex-husband said he could not have a wife who was a politician,” she revealed.

Aisha Jumwa rocks black biker shorts
Aisha Jumwa rocks black biker shorts

Having been married to a fisherman, Ms Jumwa rubbished claims that her divorce was attributed to her fame and wealthy state, noting that her husband made her make a choice; either be his wife or her political career.

“I could not kill my career which had started growing and that is why we divorced,” she said.

Additionally, the mother of three was quick to note that people have been divorcing since way back and her case would not be the first nor the last.

“I am not answerable to any man in this world. I’m quite aware that people know I was the one who left him,” she noted.

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Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa at a past event. PHOTO | FILE


Ms Jumwa’s determination has in the past made men and women alike fear her. This is due to her brevity and no-nonsense kind of spirit.

Additionally, having faced a number of court cases from embezzlement of funds, to being directly linked to a murder scene, the UDA’s stalwart and close political ally of President William Ruto, uncanny ability to stand for what she believes in has made her have a fair share of friends and foes.

In the last month’s general election, the outspoken lawmaker who seeking to garner the Kilifi gubernatorial seat lost but hinted at seeking legal redress.

“I respect the IEBC verdict however, not in agreement with it. As the law stipulates, I have my constitutional right to pursue justice for myself and for the people of Kilifi. Let’s continue walking together to our destiny and the victory is all ours.”ry is all ours.”

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