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Michael Joseph returns to Safaricom’s chief executive suite

Safaricom’s board has appointed Michael Joseph as the interim Chief Executive Officer with immediate effect.

Mr Joseph, a board member of the company, will hold the position until the board finds a permanent appointment.

He has been appointed following the death of Bob Collymore who passed on Monday morning after battling cancer.

“Following the passing on of the company’s CEO, Mr Robert (Bob) William Collymore on July 1, 2019 at a special Board meetings of the directors that was held on even date, the Board resolved to appoint Mr Michael Joseph, a board member of the company as the interim CEO,” Said Ms Kathryne Maundu the company’s secretary.

She added: “Mr Joseph will hold the position until the board communicates in due course, on a permanent appointment. The Board is confident that during this transition, Mr Joseph will provide the necessary guidance and leadership to the company and its employees.”

Mr Joseph was a former chief executive of the company and retired in November 2010.