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Michelle Ntalami brags about popularizing ‘androsexual’ in Kenya

Instagram influencer and businesswoman Michelle Ntalami took to Instagram on January 13, 2023, to brag about her name trending and for popularizing the term androsexual in Kenya.

An androsxual is a person who is attracted to people with perceived masculinity or exudes masculine energy. This has been an identification Ntalami has always claimed for years after dating females with masculine personalities.

On Twitter, both her name and the term androsexual trended when she said she was an androsexual who was attracted to men or masculine energy; and despite being linked to women, she was also open to dating men.

At the same time, she also trended for being linked to other women who exuded masculine energy including musician Fena Gitu, her ex-significant other Chris Muriiithi (formerly Christine Makena Njeri), Sir Marioo Chipmurnk and others. This happened as she is currently on vacation with Fena Gitu in Madagascar and she posted thirst trap photos of herself online.

“I’m trending but that ain’t new. Yaani, I’ve single handedly made a whole word go viral in the entire country? Says a lot about me! It must be the most Googled word by Kenyans today. Y’all owe me for that one though! If ever you hear “Androsexual” in your lifetime, feel free to think of me in any and all ways,” laughed Ntalami on January 13, 2023.

In prior Nairobi News reports, Ntalami was often quoted saying she was an androsexual and a member of the queer community. She undercover enjoyed a relationship with Makena Njeri before it came to a head in scandalous fashion when Ntalami went on social media to accuse her partner of infidelity with several other women. She was also linked to Sir Marioo, a female with high masculine energy and mannerisms, after she posted steamy photos of themselves in a car but Ntalami clarified that they were only friends and Marioo had been chauffeuring her around on her birthday.

Lately, Ntalami and her business partner, Niyati Patel, have been causing a stir online for laying it on thick with the lovey-dovey messages to each other and declaration of love. They have been leaving people wondering if they have been dating or are strictly keeping it business.

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