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Michelle Ntalami: Curvaceous influencer giving women and men sleepless nights

By women and men, I do mean women and men, because it would appear Ms Michelle Ntalami “plays for both teams”. At the age of 37, Michelle does not look a day over 25! Probably that black don’t crack magic voodoo.

See, Michelle is one of those unicorns – the one whom women would love to be and probably date – if you are an LGBTQ+ member; and men would fight the queer community female identifying persons to date as well.

For years, it wasn’t that clear which team she played for considering her penchant of posting thirst trap photos of herself on her social media pages. Quite recently, however, it literally blew up in her face and before the world when she went through a nasty, highly publicized break up with ex-girlfriend Makena Njeri (goes by they/them).

Yes, Miss Bomb Body over here couldn’t escape the drama often associated with breaking up with men when she revealed in a long social media thesis post titled ‘An Open Letter of Truth’. She meticulously explained how Njeri cheated on her with several people including the infamous affair with Dr Clair Kinuthia, popularly known as @theycallmedaktari, that broke the camel’s back.

Since this November 2019 drama, Michelle took time to focus on building up her brand and company, Marini Naturals. Following this heartbreak, which she claimed was a little bit hard to get over, she then revealed that she was then open to dating men.

Marini Naturals CEO Michelle Ntalami. PHOTOS | COURTESY

In a January 2022 Q&A session with her followers on Insta, Ntalami revealed that she was open to dating men if she was to get into another relationship because she was very attracted to masculine energy.

“I like men, masculinity, masculine of ‘masc’ energy,” she responded.

She also clarified that she is neither straight, bisexual nor gay but androsexual – a person strictly attracted to masculine energy. You’d think men were now preparing to line up to court her but then in June 2022, she hit them in the blindside when she shared a video of herself and a potential new female partner, Chipmurnk Mario, getting a little bit too comfortable in a car.

Mario later posted on her Insta a love note to Ntalami saying, “Happy Birthday baby… To love, happiness, healing, and your new year.”

Mario was also later hit in the blindside when Michelle came out to deny claims that they were a thing because Mario was simply driving her around and made her feel special in the moment.

This is the part we assist both women and men in getting confused by Ntalami; and watch as they battle with sleepless nights over her.

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