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Michelle Ntalami marks one year since infamous break up with ex-girlfriend, Makena Njeri

By Winnie Mabel November 4th, 2022 2 min read

Instagram influencer Michelle Ntalami, on November 2, 2022, took to her Instagram stories to reveal why November was a bittersweet month for her.

She explained that November was a turning point month for her both in healing and release- hence becoming a symbolic month for her.

She especially focused on what went wrong for her this month as she marked anniversaries of certain events. Key among them was her father’s death in 2014 and her infamous breakup with an ex-girlfriend, Makena Njeri.

“It is the month I once shared with the world my own story to release my hurt and begin my healing finally. It is the month many of you told me that I unknowingly saved them too, just by sharing my own experiences regarding life’s storms. (Yes, fam, you are not alone.)

It is usually the one month in my lifetime, I may have been down on the ground, but I have risen like the phoenix I am.”

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Dennis Karuri with fellow local Instagram influencer Michelle Ntalami during a past photoshoot. PHOTOS | COURTESY

She continued, “To anyone going through a difficult time in their life, be it death, loss, grief, heartbreak, divorce, deceit, abandonment, health issues, relationship issues and/or betrayal of all sorts including lovers, spouses, family…I see you and I am rooting for you.

I have gone through almost all of these. Don’t rush your healing and don’t hide from it. Take it a day at a time and at your own pace. You will get there,” said Ntalami in part.

In November 2021, in several part series, Ntalami detailed how her ex-girlfriend, Catherine Makena Njeri, had manipulated and cheated on her with several people and today, Njeri is in a relationship with one of the women she played Ntalami with.

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Marini Naturals CEO Michelle Ntalami. PHOTOS | COURTESY

Ntalami claimed Makena initially denied the accusation, but when told there was proof of her infidelity, she would pop in and out of Ntalami’s life, leaving her emotionally and mentally exhausted.

Later, Njeri would respond to Ntalami’s social media essays and throw shade at her.

“Like every human being who is in a relationship, keep what is personal, private. It is only the two people in that relationship who will ever know the truth and no one owns any (one any) explanation in life. Growth,” said Njeri.

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