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Michelle Ntalami mourns the loss of her pet dog, Pixie

Michelle Ntalami, the CEO of Marini Naturals, has broken the devastating news of the sudden passing of her beloved pet named Pixie.

In an emotional post on her Instagram account, Michelle revealed that Pixie held a significant place in her heart.

She recounted how she got Pixie during a dark period in her life when she was grappling with the pain of a broken heart after a difficult breakup.

“I needed to channel my lost love to something that I felt would not take it for granted. And inversely, something healthy that I would not ‘use’ to get over my situation. I actually named him Pixel because I needed just that; a ‘little color’ in my life,” she wrote.

She explained how Pixie became much more than just a pet to her but also a source of healing, growth, and renewed love.

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Michelle shared a precious photo from the first day she brought Pixie home, overwhelmed with emotion and gratitude.

Reflecting on their time together, Michelle fondly recalled countless laughs and cherished memories.

She listed some of her favorite moments with Pixie, including how he would stick out his tiny tongue and hang his paws when sleepy, how he brought joy to her mother’s life, and how he effortlessly brought smiles to everyone who crossed his path.

Michelle Ntalami with her pet dog Pixie. PHOTOS | COURTESY

The bond between Michelle and Pixie extended to naps, bonding sessions, and venting sessions on the couch.

She reminisced about his adorable snores, his playful game of wanting to be chased but not caught among other things.

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Pixie also brought happiness to others through doggy rides, road trips, walks, playdates, and the special moments he shared with anyone he encountered.

“How special he made our Christmas. His purest little soul. Despite searching for answers for the past couple of days, circumstances around his loss are still unclear. This pains me deeply. But all I can say for now, is that Karma is real. A statement that has never failed me,” she said.

“Still, I chose to remember Pixie for the sweet, beautiful pup that he was. For all the love that he is, and the love that he sprinkled into this world. He was the littlest dog, with the biggest love! I love you Pixel. Thank you for being my little color,” she went on.

Michelle finally admired his ability to sense when he had misbehaved and would spend 24 hours in his crib, believing that by the next day, it would be safe to show up.

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