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Michelle Ntalami quits glorifying alcohol ‘a cause of many tragedies’

Michelle Ntalami, CEO of Marini Naturals, is still celebrating reaching 500,000 followers on her Instagram page.

Michelle had promised to share her top five things she stopped and started doing on social media.

On her Instagram page, Michelle began her post by saying that she had stopped giving love, support, energy, mentions, shares, tags and compliments to people and companies with little or no appreciation or return.

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She described herself as an over-giver, but the experience had taught her to rethink that aspect of herself.

Michelle also said that she has stopped responding to rumours about her private life, unless or until she decides to talk about it.

However, she will not stop living her life because of rumours.

The third thing she’s stopped doing is posting pictures of herself drinking, unless it’s a partnership or a brand that really suits her lifestyle.

Michelle says alcohol abuse is glorified in our society and is the cause of many tragedies.

“Stunted personal growth, broken homes and relationships; all things I don’t subscribe to. With my influential platform, I choose not to be a catalyst for that,” she said.

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Michelle will also not be open about her preferences on sensitive issues in this society.

“You will never see me bully, insult, troll or condone it, regardless of the situation.

That’s abuse and in my opinion the lowest form of etiquette on this app. (N.B. This is different from clapbacks, i.e. sarcastic banter or giving someone a piece of your mind. Sometimes necessary!)”

On the other hand, Michelle said she has started to share more about business, womanhood and lifestyle and less about her personal life.

She will start following people and pages that inspire, teach, heal, give back energy and spread positivity.

“Reaching out to people who are being cyberbullied and giving them a word of encouragement, even if I don’t know them. I hate to see someone being trolled, my heart breaks for them”.

Finally, Michelle will speak out and stand up for the truth when necessary.

“To love and live my most authentic life on here and not give a damn what anyone thinks!”

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