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Michelle Ntalami’s rumoured lover, Chipmurnk Mario, identifies as a stud

By Winnie Mabel September 22nd, 2022 2 min read

Despite the Government of Kenya outlawing homosexuality, a growing section of Kenyans are now embracing the lesbian, gay, transgender, and queer plus community members in their circles.

Of late, members of this community have been vocal on social media and some of them including Makena Njeri, Maxwell Mwamburi, Dennis Karuri, Michelle Ntalami and Chipmurnk Mario are considered prominent influencers.

Taking to her Instagram stories, Mario- who is rumoured to be Ntalami’s lover- identified herself as a stud during a question and answer question.

“Are you a stud?” a fan asked Mario to which she responded, “Yes, as a masculine-presenting individual, I do identify as a stud.”

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Chipmurnk Mario. PHOTO | COURTESY

According to the Urban Dictionary, a stud is a lesbian who dresses like a guy that has sexual or emotional feelings towards another female or femme. Femmes usually go for studs. In this instance, Ntalami is her rumoured femme.

In all her social media posts, Mario comes across as a stud in the way she poses for photos, in the way she dresses and in her mannerisms and dancing.

She boasts 17,000 plus followers on Instagram alone.

In past Nairobi News reports, Ntalami said she was attracted to masculine energy.

“I like men, masculinity, masculine of ‘masc’ energy,” said Ntalami as she clarified that she is androsexual- a person who is strictly attracted to masculine energy.

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Chipmurnk Mario. PHOTO | COURTESY

Mario and Ntalami have been romantically linked in the past after a video of them looking booed-up inside a car on Ntalami’s birthday was uploaded online.

Mario caption of wishing Ntalami a happy birthday further alluded to the two being a couple but Ntalami ghosted her, saying she was just a friend who had been giving her a ride that day and made her feel special.

Despite the denial, the two have been lovey-dovey on Instagram with their captions to each other and even uploading photos of themselves looking much more than friends.

Mario is the second stud Ntalami has been linked to after the latter was involved with another stud, Makena Njeri, for a while before they had a nasty, highly publicized break up. Njeri cheated on Ntalami.

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