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Midiwo denies clobbering agent after embarrassing loss -PHOTOS

Gem Member of Parliament Jakoyo Midiwo has denied clobbering his agents after he lost in the ODM party primaries a fortnight ago.

Mr Midiwo, who is also the National Assembly Deputy Minority Leader, disowned pictures circulating on social media as PhotoShop.

Elisha Odhiambo garnered 13,400 votes to beat Mr Midiwo who came second with 8,900 votes.

In one of the pictures, a man who resembles the MP is seen grabbing a man by his collar, while the victim begs for his life.

The second photo shows the two in motion, with the victim on his heels after an apparent slap or fist landed on him.

The incident takes place with onlookers a few meters away.

But the MP told Nairobi News via the phone, that he was not the person in the pictures.

“I am aware of the pictures circulating that are purported to be me. I want to make it clear that the man on the pictures is not me. Whatever those people who did this want to achieve I don’t know,” said Mr Midiwo.

Nonetheless, Twitter was was awash with hilarious comments of the two pictures.