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Midiwo’s family wants death investigated

Deceased ex-lawmaker Jakoyo Midiwo’s family has alluded to foul play among the circumstances that led to his death, and admitted it could considering seeking professional help to investigate the matter.

The former Gem MP died suddenly earlier this week and a post mortem report done at the Lee Funeral home in Nairobi on Friday suggested he succumbed to acute kidney failure.

But the deceased’s elder brother, Professor Jacob Midiwo divulged plans by the family to involve detectives to investigate further.

Regarding the toxicological examination which was conducted on the 54-year-old former MP, the brother elucidated that it would take up to three weeks to get the results.

He further said the family would go on with the internment plans since they already had the required specimen from the deceased remains.

“We will decide on which action to take, whether we shall involve someone to investigate the matter further,” said Jacob who received the autopsy report on the family’s behalf.

The family has urged police to conduct investigations to unearth what killed him wondering how the deceased, who had been all along fit as a fiddle, fell ill and passed on out of the blues.

Earlier on, it had been reported that Midiwo’s demise, which occurred on Monday, June 14, had been as a result of cardiac arrest, in which his family expressed doubt.

The deceased, who is a cousin to the Orange Democratic Movement leader Raila Odinga, is set to be interred on June, 26, 2021, subject to confirmation from the family.

The family is still smarting from the death of their kin Florence Aluodo, who passed on three days earlier before the politician.