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Migori politician mentioned in shooting drama

A former lawmaker was on Sunday involved in gun drama that left a man fighting for his life in a local hospital in Migori County.

Mr Edick Anyanga, was on the campaign trail in Sori, Nyatike constituency when he allegedly accosted Mr Justus Ochieng accusing him of de-campaigning him.

Mr Anyanga served as the Nyatike MP between 2012- 2017 under the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party but was defeated by Mr Tom Odege who is the current MP.

The latter is still flying the ODM ticket in the forthcoming general election scheduled for August 9.

In a police report seen by Nairobi News, Mr Calvins Nyerere, who is a friend to the victim said his friend was shot at the hip in the incident.

“The politician started threatening the victim while he was inside his vehicle claiming that he had been going against his political ambitions,” reported Mr Nyerere.

According to Mr Nyerere, his friend was admitted but in a stable condition and they hoped that he would be discharged later this week.

It is then that the ex-MP reportedly pulled out his gun and injured the victim on the right leg.

The politician then reportedly ordered he be taken to a local hospital within Sori before he left in a hurry.

Police officers who rushed to the scene failed to locate the spent cartridge with witnesses saying that it was collected by the MP’s aides.

The officers then went to the politician’s home where they collected the firearm which was loaded with 12 rounds of ammunition.

However, the suspect was nowhere to be found and a manhunt has been launched with the aim of nabbing him.

The politician is yet to be arrested.