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Migori politician responds to shooting incident

A politician adversely mentioned in recent gun drama says he shot in the air in a bid to protect himself from armed and rowdy youth.

In an interview with Nairobi News, Mr. Edick Anyanga adds  that he feared for his life after the said youth reportedly stopped his vehicle.

“I was heading home when I was stopped by some youth who had in an earlier incident sent me away from Nyakweri,” said Mr Anyanga.

The ex-lawmaker also says the youth had trailed him in a car for sometime.

“They even came to the door (of my car) where I was seated and demanded I alight as they wanted to discuss something with me,” said Mr Anyanga who is eyeing the Nyatike parliamentary seat in the August 2022 polls.

The lawmaker says he was forced to jump out of the vehicle before shooting in the air with the aim of dispersing the armed youth.

“On Sunday, I spent most of the time in my homestead where I met a number of my supporters,” he said.

The politician’s version of events comes a day after a Police report mentioned him as a person of interest in a shooting incident.

Mr Mark Wanjala, who is the police commander Migori County, told the media police were investigating the incident which left a local identified as Mr Justus Ochieng admitted in hospital.

“He has recorded a statement with the police over what happened and the matter is under investigation,” said Mr Wanjala.

The matter was reported to the police who confiscated the firearm that is now kept as an exhibit and is currently being investigated.