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Miguna blasts Museveni over Sh12million wardrobe budget

Fiery Kenyan lawyer Miguna Miguna has referred to the Uganda’s annual budget estimates that has proposed Ugandan Sh350 million for bedding, clothes and footwear at State House, as an embarrassment to Africa.

In a post on his social media accounts, Miguna criticized the proposal saying President Yoweri Museveni has served Uganda for 37 years and should not reduce himself to that ‘shame’.

“After 37 long years in power, doesn’t M7 have enough military fatigues and Armani suits? This is an embarrassment to Africa,” Miguna tweeted.

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In the budget estimates, Ugandan Sh350 million has been proposed for bedding, clothes and footwear at State House, with the opposition proposing the amount be reduced.

According to Ugandan newspaper, The Monitor, opposition leaders in the country are against these proposals despite the same amount being allocated in the previous financial year.

The Shadow Minister of Finance, Mr Muwanga Kivumbi and Kira Municipality legislator, Mr Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda, are among the opposition legislators who have publicly criticized the proposal.

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They rejected some of the proposals in the Majority Report submitted by the Budget Committee Chairperson, Mr Patrick Isiagi Opolot (Kachumbala County).

“There is Shs350 million to buy clothes. The same amount was provided last year. This means we are spending on average Sh36,000 on the President’s clothes everyday,” Mr Ssemujju said.

“Our President is not a star from Hollywood required to change [his] wardrobe everyday. He is the president of a poor country. Why buy him clothes worth Shs350 million every year? What happened to the clothes that we bought last year?” Mr Ssemujju posed.

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