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Miguna calls for Labour CS Florence Bore’s resignation over Karen property tussle

Controversial lawyer Dr Miguna Miguna now wants Labour Cabinet Secretary Florence Bore to resign over an Sh120 million property tussle in Karen, Nairobi County.

Dr Miguna said the way CS Bore occupied the house belonging to Gatanga MP Edward Muriu was not proper and the best thing she could do was to resign as CS.

“Resign! That is NOT right. An acknowledgement of an offer is not a sale and doesn’t give anyone the right to enter, take possession and occupy another person’s property,” said Dr Miguna.

He said a 10 percent deposit was not enough to entitle her to occupy the house before agreeing with the owners.

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According to him, CS Bore should pay the balance and then ask for the keys in exchange for the final payment for the said property.

“No one should reason and behave as you have done. You are not above the law. Even if you were homeless and needed a place to stay, you should never have abused your position the way you did,” he said.

According to Maria Muriu, the Gatanga MP’s wife, the CS forcibly took possession of the premises before they could formally agree on the total amount she should pay.

However, in a statement issued on Sunday, June 18, 2023, the CS opened up and said she had sought the help of the police to stop Mr Muriu and his family from occupying the house.

She said the lawmaker’s family took advantage of the fact that she had travelled out of the country and decided to evict her children from the house.

“They were accompanied by armed thugs, which necessitated the presence of the police on the premises. For a fellow leader to take advantage of my absence from the country to launch a hate campaign instead of waiting to engage me on my return is not only queer but baffling,” said CS Bore.

According to her, the Muriu’s had decided to engage in unnecessary drama at a time when she was out of the country and they could instead wait for her to settle their issues.

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