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Miguna claims Passaris called him a ‘rapist’ on JKL show

In the wake of public outcry over the lewd remarks he made on a live TV talk show, Nairobi gubernatorial aspirant, Miguna Miguna, has defended his position with claims that city businesswoman Esther Passaris, called him a ‘rapist’.

However, Miguna says that Ms Passaris made the remarks off the air while the Jeff Koinange Live show was on a commercial break.

A video clip of the show was uploaded on the programme’s YouTube channel on Wednesday night, before being pulled down later on Thursday.

But Mr Miguna claims the said footage was edited to exclude the part where Ms Passaris called him a rapist.

“The video omits the portion where Esther Passaris falsely accused me of rape. She did not specify whom I had allegedly raped, where, when and with what evidence,” Miguna wrote on his Facebook page on Thursday.

During the heated debate on Wednesday night, Mr Miguna shocked the viewers by saying that “Ms Passaris is so beautiful that everyone wants to rape her.”

Kenyans on Twitter subsequently accused the show’s host Jeff Koinange of failing to professionally moderate the debate as the two guest traded vile comments.

Passaris had said that while Miguna accuses her of corruption, she has never been accused of rape.

Earlier in the show, Mr Miguna had also claimed that in 2007 Passaris had declared that she would take a sex holiday if then ODM presidential candidate won the elections. He also called her a socialite bimbo.