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Miguna ‘disciple’ goes on hunger strike to demand his return – PHOTOS

Deported lawyer Miguna Miguna may have landed safely in Canada on Monday, but to some, justice will not be achieved until he returns home.

A human rights activist in Kisumu is on a hunger strike until the fiery Nasa activist is allowed back to the country.

Boniface Ogutu Akatch, known for his ‘Sitarusha mawe tena’ campaign, started the campaign last Friday and wants the government to make efforts to ensure the return of Miguna.

He is staging his protest under an overpass in Kondele area. You will find him lying on a sleeping bag with his head resting on one of the pillars. He appears frail but his spirits are high. Curious onlookers have been milling around him, some signing his banner in support.


On Tuesday, Interior Secretary Fred Matiang’i told a parliamentary committee on security that immigration officers had done everything within the law to facilitate Miguna’s re-entry in the country.

Boniface says he is protesting impunity and police brutality by the current regime. He hopes his hunger strike will pile pressure on the government to adhere to court orders to facilitate Dr Miguna’s return.

“As a Kenyan I want to play a role to change this country. I will not give up on it, I will stay hungry and will not sleep in my house until I get the attention of the president and the international community so that they can start having a conversation about the situation in this country.


“I am doing this because I am tired of how impunity is taking a toll on Kenya’s institutions. Court orders are being disobeyed left right and center and I keep asking myself where the country is headed,” said Mr Akatch.

He added: “We need to sort all these ills. There is rampant violation of human rights and sadly some of the perpetrators are the people we have entrusted with public offices and are the same people we have charged with responsibility of ensuring the constitution is adhered to.”

In 2013, Mr Akatch spearheaded a campaign dubbed ‘Sitarusha Mawe tena’ in Kisumu to urge the youth in Kisumu to embrace peace.

Apart from fighting for Miguna’s return he is also calling for peaceful protests in the region.