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Miguna: Uhuru’s ‘illegitimate’ government must protect me when I return home

Self-proclaimed NRM General, Miguna Miguna, who is due back in the country from forced exile on Monday, insists he must be accord government protection upon arrival.

Speaking to BBC in an interview on Friday, Miguna said that he has already secured an air ticket for the March 26 trip from Canada to Nairobi.

However, the political firebrand is demanding a firm guarantee from the ‘illegitimate’ government for his personal safety and security when he arrives in the country.

“Please ensure that the illegitimate government fully complies with the court orders so as to avoid what appears as a pre-planned continued violation of my rights,” he said.


The lawyer was deported to Canada on February 6 after the government stripped him of his citizenship for his involvement in the infamous ‘swearing in’ of Nasa leader Raila Odinga as “the people’s president” on January 30.

Miguna has also vowed to “lead the mother of all struggles” upon his return culminating in the removal from office of President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto.

“I was forcefully removed from Kenya. That was not a deportation. There was no deportation order. This was an arbitrary, whimsical, dictatorial fiat by a despotic regime,” he said.

“I am still a Kenyan citizen and you cannot take that away from me… and the court told them that,” he added.

On Friday, Siaya County Senator James Orengo held a press briefing with the Chairperson of Kenya National Commission on Human Rights to finalise the logistics for the return of Miguna.