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Miguna Miguna tackles Peter Kenneth with rant on ‘looting’ plot

Nairobi gubernatorial seat aspirant Miguna Miguna’s wrath appears unstoppable in deriding all his rivals for the upcoming election.

His latest victim is the new entrant in the race Peter Kenneth, whom he has dismissed as being too keen on City Hall’s top job in order to do business.

Mr Miguna took on Kenneth in a Facebook post by stating that doing business is a clever ploy to loot public resources.

“I have heard Peter Kenneth claim that he wants to be elected so that “we can do business together.” Public office is not for the governor or public officials to do business,” wrote Miguna on his Facebook page.

He added that leadership should be about service delivery and is not for the business-minded individuals.


“Those interested in doing business should continue doing business. There is no justification for one to enter politics or public service under the pretext that s/he wants to do business unless that is a clever ploy for wanting to use the governor’s office to steal and loot public resources,” added Miguna.

Miguna has in the past clashed with other Nairobi gubernatorial aspirants, among them Pastor Margaret Wanjiru with whom they almost engaged in a fist fight on live TV.

He has on more than one occasion discredited Governor Evans Kidero’s term and termed Senator Mike Sonko as incompetent to govern the city.

“The only reason my opponents are unable to criticise me is due to the fact that unlike them I have integrity; I’m competent; I’m incorruptible; I’ve a solid track record of defending public interests and fighting against injustice; I’ve a manifesto with concrete policies and programs addressing Nairobi’s problems while all they have are looted wealth from the public,” wrote Miguna.