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Miguna reaches out to world on his deportation troubles

Lawyer and Nasa activist Miguna Miguna now wants the international community to intervene and get him back to Kenya, saying he is suffering.

Speaking from a Dubai hospital, Dr Miguna on Thursday said he has no travel documents and no one was there to facilitate his travel.

“I woke up here in Dubai and I have nothing. I need the international community and everyone on this case,” Dr Miguna was heard instructing one of his lawyers on phone to contact the international media.

The lawyer insisted that he would only board a plane heading to Nairobi.

“I’m not going to agree to board anything, because this is against my will. I’m sick I can’t even walk. I can’t see, they took (away) my glasses, they took everything from me,” he said.

Currently, Dr Miguna, who complained of body pains, is hospitalised in the United Arab Emirates.