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Miguna rejects his ‘defaced’ passport as govt complies with order

Director of Immigration Department Gordon Kihalangwa on Wednesday complied with a court order to surrender Miguna Miguna’s passport.

In a letter written to the deputy registrar of the High Court’s criminal division, Ngatia and Advocates indicated that the Immigration director had complied with a court order which required him to deposit the passport in court.

Whilst the court ordered that a valid passport be surrendered, the letter said that the one which was surrendered was perforated.

“In compliance with orders issued on February 15, we attach hereto the perforated passport of the applicant,” the letter read.

According to the lawyers representing the Immigration director, the passport had to be surrendered in that manner since it was perforated as soon as he was deported to Canada.

Mr Kihalang’wa hours later told a parliamentary committee that Miguna will have to re-apply for Kenyan citizenship, the vetting his elevation to Principal Secretary.


He told MPs that when Dr Miguna fled Kenya to Canada in 1986, he lost his citizenship as Kenya had not yet adopted the dual citizenship system.

“It is true Dr Miguna was born in Kenya. But when he left the country in 1986, he negated all other processes that made him Kenyan,” Dr Kihalang’wa said when asked why the government had deported Dr Miguna.

The Nasa activist quickly tweeted that the state had not complied with the court order which never made any mention of a perforated passport.

Kenyans on Twitter had a lot to say about the development, terming it as a sign that the state is unwilling to comply with court orders.

@LewellaBee wrote; “A perforated, defaced or destroyed passport IS NOT a passport. They must deposit The General’s PASSPORT with the High Court Registry.”

@Otiken2015 added; “They can as well issue new one if they destroyed that one.”

@okode_david commented; “For once we can see a state officer acting on his own capacity not under the interference and influence of “order from above” Kudos Kihalangwa for obeying court order.Matiangi and others who think are above law should follow suit.”

@KevinOkemba added; “We knew our superstar general miguna tena miguna will be back no matter how the government tries to brutalize his fight for our oppressed nation, now, even a class one student can tell who understand the rule of law, miguna the general or his simpleton desporters.”