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Miguna: I was starved and made to stand for 24 hours in cells

Miguna Miguna has recounted his five-day ordeal in police custody, revealing how he was nearly starved by his captors.

In an interview with BBC’s Jamie Coomarasamy in Amsterdam enroute to Canada, Miguna recounted how he was arrested and detained.

“They did not say why they were arresting me and where they were taking me. I was then kept in unlawful incommunicado detention for five days under the most horrendous, cruel and inhumane conditions imaginable,” he recounted.

He narrated how he was driven to different police stations with initial charges being assisting Raila Odinga to commit treason until his appearance at Kajiado Court where the magistrate ordered that he appears before a Nairobi court.

He then recounted how instead of being presented in court, he was instead driven to the airport and eventually put on a plane to Canada.


“They took me to the runway at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, kept me there for more than five hours… the constitution is very clear, you cannot cancel the citizenship of a person who gained his citizenship by birth,” Miguna told BBC.

On his next course of action, Miguna said he will fight his ejection from Kenya legally and within the law.

“I am going to fight this legally and constitutionally. I have instructed lawyers to initiate applications and proceedings to invalidate and nullify what Fred Matiangi purported in terms of deportation to reinstate my passport which they took illegally and to return to Kenya,” he said.

Miguna recounted his five days in police custody revealing that he was nearly starved and deprived of sleep.

“I have been treated like a beast. I was only given food twice and I was not allowed to sleep. I was kept standing and when I was able to sleep I slept on cold bare floor without anything. I was not able to take a shower since last Friday, my feet are swollen, there was a time I was getting an attack I demanded to see a doctor they refused. I have been tortured,” he said during the interview.