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Mijungu’s year of tribulations

By Chad Kitundu December 28th, 2020 2 min read

Media personality Ken Mijungu has had a year to forget.

On Sunday, he revealed how he’s been servicing for a bank loan for one of his cars stolen in 2019.

The KTN news anchor further stressed he still has to pay for the car, valued at about Sh5 million, for another two years.

He added that he’d not lost hope of recovering the vehicle and urged the Police to do all it takes.

“I counted hours, they turned into days and weeks and months, it’s now 1 year 6 months since they stole it, paying a bank loan painfully each month. Two years to go on the loan. This is a kind reminder to @DCI_Kenya @PoliceKE that I have not lost hope in you,” he wrote.

This is the second time Mijungu is sharing his plight on this matter.

Last June, he called on the public to help him track the car.

Through his Twitter handle Mijungu, uploaded photos of the stolen car, requesting Kenyans to report to a nearby police station in case they spotted the car or had any information that could help in the search.

“Stolen. Please help find. Still searching, anyone with info please report to a police station near you,” he tweeted.

Mijungu, who left Nation Media Group in 2020, is the owner of  “Execar-tive CarHire” which imports cars and machinery.

And to cap off the draining year, the affluent Mijungu also revealed thugs drove into his rural home in Migori and stole valuables from his house in June of last year.

“Lightning doesn’t strike twice but thieves do, so the first time they broke my reinforced glass window with a sledge hummer or equivalent, carted away all electronics, weeks later they came with a pick-up, or Canter truck and carried away everything else, even ripped curtains off!,” he said.