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Mike Mondo addresses relationship with Shiko Nguru amid online buzz

Popular radio host Mike Mondo has recently been making waves on social media due to his romantic involvement with Shiko Nguru.

Shiko is the former partner of content creator Rama Oluoch and the mother of his children.

This revelation has stirred up mixed reactions among Kenyan netizens.

Meanwhile, Shiko is currently in a relationship with the radio host, leading to discussions and debates among online users.

Some people have questioned Mondo’s decision to engage with a woman who has children with another man, while others have raised concerns about the couple’s tendency to share their love life openly on social media.

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In response to the criticism and opinions expressed online, the Classic 105’s Mike Mondo took to social media to address the matter.

He shared his perspective, stating:

“At the end of the day, you who are complaining about Shiko and me continue. I am quite okay with all the love or hate you send my way. Usichokikula hakikufinyi, unye ama ule,” (“What you do not eat does not press you, whether you drink or eat.”)

Despite the discussions surrounding their relationship, Mondo and Shiko have continued to showcase their love on social media platforms.

Rama Oluoch, who had previously been in a relationship with Shiko, recently embarked on a podcast tour where he shared insights into the details of his failed marriage.

Rama and Shiko first gained prominence in 2019 when they live-streamed the childbirth experience of their child on YouTube.

After the breakup, Rama addressed the situation by urging individuals not to create narratives around him, emphasizing that people should not feel compelled to pick sides.

“Please don’t build a narrative around me because you feel the need to pick sides in a situation no one is forcing you to pick sides. Two adults sat down and figured there is nowhere in the world people would sacrifice individual ambition and leave for emotional security as a couple.”

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