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Mike Sonko: Ignore the ‘home’ test DNA kit

January 10th, 2023 1 min read

Mike Sonko has called upon families to avoid using the recently introduced DNA test kits at home.

Sharing his thoughts about the Kit on his Twitter page, the outspoken politician argued that purchasing the kit could lead to an increase in divorce cases in the country.

Sonko stressed that things could get messy when couples confirm after the tests they are not the biological parents of the children.

“Avoid going for such tests as they’ll lead to a lot of divorce cases, family and relationship breakups,” noted Sonko.

His sentiment came just a few hours after former Nominated Senator Millicent Omanga stirred Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) by her comments about the kit.

“DNA home kit test for 800 bob only? Weuh hapa kitaumana wadau (things could go wrong)! What do you think,” Omanga posted.

How the DNA test kit works

According to Nebula Genomics, some DNA samples are collected by rubbing a cheek swab on your cheek’s inner wall. Others require a saliva sample or a blood test that requires a blood sample. Some prenatal genetic tests require a sample of amniotic fluid.

After collecting the sample, you should label the sample kit with the necessary information. Such information might include your name and gender. However, before you begin to label, ensure your sample is secured by closing it appropriately.

After all these, you should take the kit to a recognized laboratory as you wait for results.

The waiting period for paternity results in Kenya could be anywhere between three to ten working days.

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