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Mike Sonko responds to claims he is a dead beat dad

True to form, Mike Sonko has swiftly responded to claims he is a dead beat dad.

In a detailed statement on his socials, Sonko stopped short of accepting or denying he was the father of the kid. But he’s offered to take care of him.

“Where’s the trouble?” he posed.

“Just like Jesus said ‘let children come to me’ I’m kindly asking the lady alleging she has my kid to bring the kid to me.”

He added: “I’ll give the kid the best of what life has to offer. My family keeps on growing bigger day in day out, I feel happy and blessed adopting orphans, street families and neglected kids in my home.”

Sonko, who is gunning for the Mombasa gubernatorial post, has also appeared to accuse the said mother of the kid of trying to extort money from him.

He also accused the woman of failing to take care of the other kids he has sired.

“That part of extorting money from me so you can go and merry I will not consent to it. I will not give you even one shilling.”

“Even if the kid is not mine, I’m ready to take care of him. I’m also appealing to other women are struggling to raise their kids to bring them to me. I will take care of them.”

The flamboyant politician was dragged to court by a woman and accused of failing to take care of their 15-year old child.

The woman has also asked court to compel the former Nairobi governor, who is known for his philanthropic deeds and deep pockets, to pay about Sh500,000 each month in child support.

Sonko has, however, not accepted or denied that indeed the kid is his saying the lady should take the kid to him for upkeep.

Sonko who is gunning for the Mombasa gubernatorial seat in the August 2022 polls, is known for helping out the needy in the society.

He once adopted two kids who were subject to a terrorist attack at the Coast, one of whom had a bullet lodged in his head at the time.

Again, he recently offered to employ a man who had been found guilty of shoplifting.

He also has the Sonko Rescue Team, a firm that offers several services to residents for free, including water, morgue services, food, and other accessories.

That said, the politician has always been at the centre of controversy.

He is known to have a foul mouth and was impeached as Nairobi governor in 2019. He is also facing a number of corruption related charges in court.

This has led to lobby groups requesting he be barred from contesting for the Mombasa county seat.