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Mike Sonko secures temporary release of ‘fake’ lawyer Brian Mwenda

By Winnie Mabel October 24th, 2023 2 min read

Former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko secured the release of alleged fake lawyer Brian Mwenda Njagi on the night of October 23, 2023.

Alongside prominent lawyer Danstan Omari, the duo released a recording of them issuing a statement beside Mr Njagi at 10:12 PM in which they revealed they had paid the Sh 200,000 bail set by the judge in Mr Njagi’s case.

“As Kenyans can see, my client, Brian, is out of the prison barriers. He has been paid a cash bail of Sh 200,000 by his excellency (former) Governor Sonko who believes in the skill and in the development of the youth. The Law Society of Kenya is in a fighting mode with a very young man. Without any reason, this young man has been imprisoned for more than five days.

The Magistrate agreed with us that there are no compelling reasons to keep this young man behind the remand prison. Criminals, murderers, rapists, defilers, sodomizers are the ones to be behind here. This is a country that values the youth,” began Mr Omari.

He went on to express happiness that Mike Sonko stands with the youth, hustlers, and those who are trampled upon by those who have money and power.

“It is the greatest day in history in my practice as a lawyer to see young men grow to be a success. I’ll take him home. Thank you governor for what you’ve done, thank you Brian for standing for the law. We know very well- we have information that after they lost today, they have plans to re-arrest him next Thursday. We are calling upon the Director of Public Prosecutions to protect the law because it does not give the Law Society of Kenya the power to direct the DPP,” added Mr Omari.

The three recorded the video out in the public whereby in the background music could be heard and then proceeded to the joint to have some “apple juice” as nicknamed by Mike Sonko.


Mr Njagi pleaded not guilty last week before Chief Magistrate Lukas Onyina after he was charged with identity theft and forgery. He was accused of stealing the identity of a legitimate practicing lawyer with the same name and forging certificates to the same effect.

“Brian Mwenda Njagi is now at DCI. We are going to ensure that he faces the full force of the Law. The evidence gathered so far points to several cases of forgery & identity theft. Further inquiries are ongoing. We are working closely with the DCI team to conduct thorough & extensive investigations. This case will be a deterrent for future masqueraders,” said Mr Eric Theuri, the President of the Law Society of Kenya, in the wake of Mr Njagi’s arrest last week.

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